VCH Does Not Initialize Correctly

A virtual container host (VCH) does not initialize correctly after editing in ESXi host client.


After you edit a VCH on the ESXi host client, it fails to initialize correctly. After you save and restart the endpointVM, the encryption key is lost and the endpointVM does not initialize correctly.


The guestinfo.ovfEnv key is used to store an encryption key for the vSphere credentials and server certificate private key. If you use an ESX host client to edit a running endpointVM, clicking on Save causes the guestinfo.ovfEnv key to convert to a volatile key, even if no changes were made to the VM config.


Do not use the ESXi host client to edit a running endpointVM directly. Instead, use the the vCenter client or power off the endpointVM before editing.

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