Example of Creating an Application from a Template

This section illustrates how you can provision an application with a PostgreSQL container and a Tomcat container. The PostgreSQL container contains a form that collects data. The Tomcat container stores the data that is collected.


Verify that you have perfomed the following steps:

  • Deployed a virtual container host (VCH).
  • Have a vCenter Server Single Sign-On user account with vSphere administrator privileges, or a user account that has been granted the Management Portal Administrator role in vSphere Integrated Containers.
  • Created a project, assigned users to the project, and added the container host to the project.
  • Created a volume with the name webapp and network with name web.

Create an Application Template

Create an application template and add a PostgreSQL container and a Tomcat container to it.

Perform the following steps:

  1. In the management portal, navigate to Deployments > Applications and click +Application.
  2. On the Create a Template page, enter the application name Postgres-DB-Application and click Proceed.
  3. In the Edit Template page, click Add Container and add a postgres container. For the steps to create the postgres container, see Example of Provisioning a Single Container.
  4. In the Edit Template page, click Add Container. Add a tomacat container.
  5. Select the select the tutum/tomcat container and click Continue.
  6. On the Basic tab, configure the following settings for the container:
    1. Image. The image that you want to instantiate the container from. This displays registry.hub.docker.com/tutum/tomcat. Select latest under tags.
    2. Name. Enter tomcat.
    3. Command. Enter curl -o https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/appdev/sample/sample.war.
  7. On the Network tab, configure the following settings:
    1. Port Bindings. Enter 8080 for Host Port and 80 for Container Port.
    2. Networks. Select web.
  8. On the Storage tab, in Volumes, enter webapp for Host and /usr/local/tomcat/webapps for Container.
  9. On the Policy tab, select Always as the Restart Policy.
  10. Click Add to add the container.

Once you configure the two containers, they appear in the Edit Template page.

In the tomcat container that is created, click + next to Links and select postgres from the list.

The tomcat container is now linked to the postgres container.

Run the Application

Click the PROVISION icon on the right hand top corner of the page to provision Postgres-DB-Application.

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