Configure dch-photon to Use Proxy Servers

If your environment uses proxies, you must configure dch-photon containers to use the proxy servers.

You can configure proxy servers on dch-photon containers either by setting environment variables at runtime, or by creating a custom dch-photon image that includes the same variables.

Set Environment Variables at Runtime

When you run the dch-photon container, use the --env option to add the proxy servers as environment variables. If you use this method, you must set the environment variables every time that you run dch-photon.

$ docker run 
--env https_proxy= 
--env http_proxy= 
--publish 12376:2376 
-vic-ip vch_adress

This command instantiates a dch-photon container with the following configuration:

  • Uses --detach to run the container in the background.
  • Sets HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers as environment variables.
  • Exposes the Docker API running in the dch-photon container to port 12376 on the virtual container host (VCH) on which it is deployed.
  • Uses the dch-photon options -tls and -vic-ip to use auto-generated certificates without client verification when connecting to the VCH.

Add Environment Variables to a Custom dch-photon Image

Build a new dch-photon image, for example named dch-photon-proxy based on the official one. To do this, you create a Dockerfile that includes proxy environment variables:

FROM vmware/dch-photon:17.06
ENV http_proxy
ENV https_proxy

If you use this method, you do not need to specify the environment variables each time you run containers from the custom dch-photon-proxy image.

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