Creating New Networks

You can create and attach network configurations to containers, container templates, and applications. You can create a bridge network or a container network.

You can dissociate a network from a container by deleting it.

For more information about container networks and how to configure them, see Configure Container Networks.


  1. In the management portal, navigate to Deployments > Networks and click +Network.
  2. On the Create Network page, select the Advanced check box to access all available settings.
  3. Configure the following settings:

    • Name. Enter a name for the network.
    • IPAM config. Enter subnet, IP range, and gateway values that are unique to this network configuration. They must not overlap with any other networks on the same container host.
    • Custom Properties. Optionally specify custom properties for the new network configuration.

      For example, you can specify the following properties:

      • bridge.default_bridge: true,
      • bridge.enable_icc: true,
      • bridge.enable_ip_masquerade: true,
      • bridge.host_binding_ipv4:,
      • docker0,
      • driver.mtu: 9001
    • Hosts. Specify the virtual container host (VCH) that you want to create the network in.

  4. Click Create.


The new network is created and you can provision containers on it.

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