Edit Project Settings

After you have created a project, you can modify its configuration. You can perform the following actions on a project:

  • Toggle a project between the public and private states at different stages of the development process.
  • Enable or disable Docker content trust. For information content trust see Enabling Content Trust in Projects.
  • Configure vulnerability scanning on the images in the project. For more information about vulnerability scanning, see Vulnerability Scanning.
  • When you no longer require a project, you can delete it.


  • Log in to vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal with a vSphere administrator, Management Portal administrator, or DevOps administrator account. For information about logging in to vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal, see Logging In to the Management Portal.
  • You have a created project.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Projects > Your_project.
  2. Click the Configuration tab to change the project settings.

    1. If you want to make all repositories of that project public, select the Public check box.
    2. To enable or disable content trust, select or deselect the Enable content trust check box.
    3. To prevent or allow the running of images with vulnerabilities, select or deselect the Prevent vulnerable images from running check box.
    4. (Optional) Change the severity level of vulnerabilities found that prevents an image from running.

      Images cannot be run if their vulnerability level is equal to or exceeds the selected level.

    5. To activate an immediate vulnerability scan on new images that are pushed to the project registry, select the Automatically scan images on push check box.
  3. To delete a project, on the Projects page, click the three dots next to a project and click Delete.

What to Do Next

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