VCH Deployment with a Shared NFS Datastore Fails with an Error About No Single Host Being Able to Access All Datastores

Deploying a virtual container host (VCH) to a cluster, and specifying a shared NFS datastore as the image store, fails with the error No single host can access all of the requested datastores.


This error occurs even if all of the hosts in the cluster do appear to have access to the shared NFS datastore.


VCHs require datastores to be writable. The shared NFS datastore is possibly mounted as read-only.


To see whether a datastore is writable or read-only, consult mountInfo in the Managed Object Browser (MOB) of the vCenter Server instance to which you are deploying the VCH.

  1. Go to https://vcenter_server_address/mob/.
  2. Click content.
  3. Click group-xx (Datacenters) in the rootFolder row.
  4. Click the managed object reference (MoRef) of your datacenter in the childEntity row.
  5. Click the MoRef of the shared NFS datastore in the datastore row.
  6. Click the DatastoreHostMount link in the host row.
  7. Click mountInfo and check the accessMode value.
  8. If the accessMode value is readOnly, unmount the datastore from vCenter Server and remount it with readWrite permissions.

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