Assign Users to a Project

You can add any user or user group from the Platform Services Controller to the vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal and assign them a role in a project.

For more information about working with local users and identity sources in the Platform Services Controller, see the Platform Services Controller Administration Guide in the VMware vSphere documentation.

For more information about users and roles in vSphere Integrated Containers, see vSphere Integrated Containers Roles and Personas.


Log in to vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal with a vSphere administrator, Management Portal administrator, or DevOps administrator account. For information about logging in to vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal, see Logging In to the Management Portal.


  1. Select Administration > Projects, and click a project to add users to.
  2. Click the Members tab and click + Add to add a new user or group to that project.
  3. In the Add Users and Groups window configure the user and the access.
    1. In the ID or email text box, enter any detail for a desired user and select it from the populated list.
    2. From the Role in project drop-down menu, select a role for that user and click OK.
  4. (Optional) Change the role of a user that is assigned to the project.
    1. From the table with users, select the check box next to a user and click Edit.
    2. In the Edit member role in project window, select new role for that user and click OK.

What to Do Next

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