Supported Dockerfile Instructions

Some Dockerfile instructions are directives to the build process and a subset of them are directives to the container engine when a container is run. The latter is an important consideration when it comes to putting a Docker image into production.

For more information on Dockerfile instructions, see the Dockerfile reference here.

This topic provides information about which of the runtime Dockerfile instructions that vSphere Integrated Containers Engine 1.5 supports.

Option Dockerfile Reference Supported
LABEL Add metadata to an image Yes
EXPOSE Expose a port Not yet supported. Port mappings need to be explicitly declared with docker run -p
ENV Set an environment variable Yes
ENTRYPOINT Set the executable to be run on start Yes
CMD Set commands to be run on start Yes
USER Set the user that runs the main process Yes
WORKDIR Set the working directory Yes
STOPSIGNAL Set a stop signal for the container Not yet supported. A stop signal can be explicitly declared with docker run --stop-signal
HEALTHCHECK Set a health check process No health check options supported yet.
SHELL Set a default shell Yes

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