Advanced Use of dch-photon

For information about how to use dch-photon with TLS authentication and with other registries than vSphere Integrated Containers Registry, see Advanced dch-photon Deployment Options.

For information about to use dch-photon with large images or with large numbers of images, see Expand the Root Disk on a dch-photon Docker Engine.

For information about configuring dch-photon to use proxy servers, see Configure dch-photon to Use Proxy Servers.

For information about configuring dch-photon to connect to registries that use a custom CA, see Add a Custom Registry Certificate Authority to dch-photon.

For information about instantiating a Docker swarm with dch-photon, see Automating Swarm Creation with vSphere Integrated Containers.

NOTE: Using dch-photon to instantiate Docker swarm is not officially supported.

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