VCH Deployment Fails with a Certificate Verification Error

When you use vic-machine create to deploy a virtual container host (VCH), the deployment fails with a certificate verification error, noting that it failed to create validator.


Deployment of the VCH fails during the validation of the configuration that you provided:

Failed to verify certificate for target=vcenter_server_or_esxi_host
Create cannot continue: failed to create validator
vic-machine-platform.exe failed: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority


The certificate on the vCenter Server or ESXi host that you specified in the --target option cannot be validated on the client system.


If the certificate was signed by a certificate authority (CA), add that CA to the trusted roots for the client system.

If the CA should not be generally trusted, or the certificate is self-signed, obtain the thumbprint of the vCenter Server instance or ESXi host. For information about how to obtain the certificate thumbprint either before running vic-machine or to verify a thumbprint from a vic-machine error message, see Obtain vSphere Certificate Thumbprints.

  • If the server is trusted and you did not specify the certificate thumbprint when you ran vic-machine create, run vic-machine create again, specifying the --thumbprint option.
  • If a thumbprint that you specified in --thumbprint does not match the server certificate reported in the error message:

    1. Remove the thumbprint from the vic-machine create command. WARNING: A thumbprint mismatch could mean the server you have connected to is not the intended target and might have be spoofed.
    2. Validate that the change in server certificate is legitimate
    3. Re-run vic-machine create, specifying a new thumbprint in the --thumbprint option.

      Use upper-case letters and colon delimitation in the thumbprint. Do not use space delimitation.

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