Open the Required Ports on ESXi Hosts

ESXi hosts communicate with the virtual container hosts (VCHs) through port 2377 via Serial Over LAN. For the deployment of a VCH to succeed, port 2377 must be open for outgoing connections on all ESXi hosts before you run vic-machine create to deploy a VCH. Opening port 2377 for outgoing connections on ESXi hosts opens port 2377 for inbound connections on the VCHs.

The vic-machine utility includes an update firewall command, that you can use to modify the firewall on a standalone ESXi host or all of the ESXi hosts in a cluster.

You use the --allow and --deny flags to enable and disable a firewall rule named vSPC. When enabled, the vSPC rule allows outbound TCP traffic from the target host or hosts. If you disable the rule, you must configure the firewall via another method to allow outbound connections on port 2377 over TCP. If you do not enable the rule or configure the firewall, vSphere Integrated Containers Engine does not function, and you cannot deploy VCHs.

The vic-machine create command does not modify the firewall. Run vic-machine update firewall --allow before you run vic-machine create.



  1. Open a terminal on the system on which you downloaded and unpacked the vSphere Integrated Containers Engine binary bundle.
  2. Navigate to the directory that contains the vic-machine utility:
  3. Run the vic-machine update firewall command.

    To open the appropriate ports on all of the hosts in a vCenter Server cluster, run the following command:

    $ vic-machine-operating_system update firewall
    --target vcenter_server_address/datacenter
    --user "Administrator@vsphere.local"
    --password vcenter_server_password
    --compute-resource cluster_name
    --thumbprint thumbprint 

    To open the appropriate ports on an ESXi host that is not managed by vCenter Server, run the following command:

    $ vic-machine-operating_system update firewall
    --target esxi_host_address
    --user root
    --password esxi_host_password
    --thumbprint thumbprint 

The vic-machine update firewall command in these examples specifies the following information:

  • The address of the vCenter Server instance and datacenter, or the ESXi host, on which to deploy the VCH in the --target option.
  • The user name and password for the vCenter Server instance or ESXi host in the --user and --password options.
  • In the case of a vCenter Server cluster, the name of the cluster in the --compute-resource option.
  • The thumbprint of the vCenter Server or ESXi host certificate in the --thumbprint option, if they use untrusted, self-signed certificates.

    Use upper-case letters and colon delimitation in the thumbprint. Do not use space delimitation.

  • The --allow option to open the port.

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