Pulling Images into VCHs Fails with Image Store Error

When you attempt to pull certain container images from a registry into a vSphere Integrated Containers virtual container host (VCH), the pulls fail with an error. Pulls of other container images do not fail.


When you attempt to pull an image, you see the following error:

Failed to write to image store: [POST /storage/{image_store_name}] [5000] WriteImage default &{Code: 500 Message:Failed to add disk 'scsi0:0' .}


When you use a standard Docker Engine, an image can have a maximum of 120 layers. When you use a vSphere Integrated Containers Engine virtual container host (VCH), an image can have a maximum of 90 layers. The image that you are pulling exceeds the limit of 90 layers.


Reduce the number of layers in the image to less than 90.

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