Configure Kubernetes Services on the Master

Perform the following steps to configure Kubernetes services on the master:

  1. Edit /etc/kubernetes/apiserver to appear as such. The service_cluster_ip_range IP addresses must be an unused block of addresses, not used anywhere else. They do not need to be routed or assigned to anything.

     # The address on the local server to listen to.
     # Comma separated list of nodes in the etcd cluster
     # Address range to use for services
     # Add your own
  2. Start the appropriate services on master:

     for SERVICES in etcd kube-apiserver kube-controller-manager kube-scheduler; do
         systemctl restart $SERVICES
         systemctl enable $SERVICES
         systemctl status $SERVICES
  3. To add the other node, create the following node.json file on the Kubernetes master node:

         "apiVersion": "v1",
         "kind": "Node",
         "metadata": {
             "name": "photon-node",
             "labels":{ "name": "photon-node-label"}
         "spec": {
             "externalID": "photon-node"
  4. Create a node object internally in your Kubernetes cluster by running the following command:

     $ kubectl create -f ./node.json
     $ kubectl get nodes
     NAME                LABELS              STATUS
     photon-node         name=photon-node-label     Unknown

Note: The above example only creates a representation for the node photon-node internally. It does not provision the actual photon-node. Also, it is assumed that photon-node (as specified in name) can be resolved and is reachable from the Kubernetes master node.

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