Installing the Lightwave Server and Configuring It as a Domain Controller on a Photon Image

You can configure Lightwave server as domain controller on a Photon client. You install the Lightwave server first. After the server is installed, you configure a new domain.


  • Prepare a Photon OS client for the Lightwave server installation.
  • Verify that the hostname of the client can be resolved.
  • Verify that you have 500 MB free for the Lightwave server installation.


  1. Log in to your Photon OS client over SSH as an administrator.
  2. Install the Lightwave server by running the following command.

    # tdnf install lightwave -y

  3. Configure the Lightwave server as domain controller by selecting a domain name and password for the administrator user.

    The minimum required password complexity is 8 characters, one symbol, one upper case letter, and one lower case letter. Optionally, if you want to access the domain controller over IP, configure the ip under the --ssl-subject-alt-name parameter. # configure-lightwave-server --domain <your-domain> --password '<administrator-user-password>' --ssl-subject-alt-name <machine-ip-address>

  4. Edit iptables rules to allow connections to and from the client.

    The default Photon OS 3.0 firewall settings block all incoming, outgoing, and forwards so that you must reconfigure them.

    # iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT

    # iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT

    # iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT

  5. In a browser, go to https://*lightwave-server-FQDN* to verify that you can log in to the newly created domain controller.

    1. On the Cascade Identity Services page, enter the domain that you configured and click Take me to Lightwave Admin.
    2. On the Welcome page, enter administrator@your-domain as user name and the password that you set during the domain controller configuration and click LOGIN.

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