Prerequisites for Running Photon OS on Raspberry Pi 3

Before you use Photon OS within RPi3, perform the following prerequisite tasks:

  1. Verify that you have the following resources:

    Resource Description
    Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or Model B+ board. This will serve as the target of the installation.
    Host computer

    A computer equipped with the following:

    1. An SD card reader.

    2. Software utilities to flash an image onto an SD-card (details and instructions provided below).

    Distribution File Photon OS RPi3 image downloaded from bintray

    Note: Photon OS RPi3 image is available only from Photon 3.0 onwards.

  2. Download Photon OS.

    To install Photon OS on a Raspberry Pi 3, you must download the Photon OS RPi3 image, which is distributed as a compressed raw disk image with the file extension .raw.xz.

    Note: You cannot use the Photon ISO to install on RPi3.

    Go to the following bintray URL and download the latest release of Photon OS image for RPi3:

    For instructions, see Downloading Photon OS.

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