Installing Photon OS on Dell Edge Gateway 500X

You can install Photon OS 3.0 on Dell Gateway 500X. You can download Photon OS as an ISO file and install it.


  1. Verify that you have the following resources:
    • Dell Edge Gateway 500x.
    • USB pen drive. Format the pen drive with FAT32 with at least 8 GB of space.
  2. Download the Photon OS ISO image from Bintray.

Installing the ISO Image for Photon OS

  1. Format the pen drive with FAT-32 and copy the ISO image to it.
  2. Insert the pen drive in the Dell Gateway 500X and power it on.
  3. From the boot options, select the pen drive option.

Result: Photon OS is installed on the Dell Gateway 500X.

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