Remotely Upgrade Multiple Photon OS Machines With Lightwave Client and Photon Management Daemon Installed

After you have a configured the Photon Management Daemon (PMD) on multiple machines, you can remotely upgrade any installed package on these machines.

Upgrade process uses copenapi_cli that is supported from both Lightwave and Photon Management Daemon. You can initiate the upgrade process from any machine that has Photon Management Daemon installed.


  • Have an installed Lightwave server with configured domain controller on it.
  • Have installed Lightwave clients that are joined to the domain.
  • Have installed Photon Management Daemon on the clients.


  1. To initiate remote upgrade, log in to a Photon OS machine over SSH to install the Photon Management Daemon CLI.

    # tdnf install pmd-cli

  2. Edit the copenapi_cli spec files so that you can specify the machines you want to upgrade and credentials to be used.

    1. Edit the .netrc file to specify machines to be upgraded and credentials for the PMD service.

      # vi ~/.netrc

    2. In the file, enter the IP addresses for the machines and administrative credentials, save and close the file.

      # machine <IP-address> login <pmd-administrative-user> password <pmd-administrative user-password>

    3. Go to and save the restapispec.json file locally to the root folder.

4. Edit the `restapispec.json` file to enter the IP address of the machine to be upgraded.

    `# vi /root/restapispec.json`
5. Change the `host` value to the IP address or the hostname of the machine, leave the port number, and save and close the file.

  1. Initiate the upgrade, in this example of the sed package and wait for the command to complete.

    Specify -k to force blind trust of certificates and -n to use the credentials from the .netrc file. # copenapi_cli pkg update --packages sed -kn

  2. (Optional) Verify that the client machine package was upgraded successfully.

    1. Log in to the machine that was upgraded over SSH.
    2. List the installed version of the sed package.

      # tdnf list installed sed

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