Installing Photon OS on Google Compute Engine

After you download the Photon OS image for GCE, log into GCE and install Photon OS.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a New Bucket

    Create a new bucket to store your Photon OS image for GCE.


  2. Upload the Photon OS Image

    While viewing the bucket that created, click the Upload files button, navigate to your Photon OS image and click the Choose button.

    When the upload finishes, you can see the Photon OS compressed image in the file list for the bucket that you created.


  3. Create a New Image

    To create a new image, click on Images in the Compute category in the left panel and then click on the New Image button.

    Enter a name for the image in the Name field and change the Source to Cloud Storage file using the pull-down menu. Then, in the Cloud Storage file field, enter the bucket name and filename as the path to the Photon OS image for GCE. In this example, where the bucket was named photon_storage, the path is as follows:


    The new image form autopopulates the gs:// file path prefix.*

    Click the Create button to create your image. You must be able to see the Images catalog and your Photon OS image at the top of the list.

  4. Create a New Instance

    To create an instance, check the box next to the Photon OS image and click the Create Instance button.

    On the Create a new instance form, provide a name for this instance, confirm the zone into which this instance is to be deployed and, before clicking Create, check the Allow HTTP traffic and Allow HTTPS traffic options.

    Note: The firewall rules in this example are optional. You can configure the ports according to your requirements.


    When the instance is created you will be returned to your list of VM instances. If you click on the instance, the status page for the instance will allow you to SSH into your Photon OS environment using the SSH button at the top of the panel.

    At this point, your instance is running and you are ready to start the Docker engine and run a container workload. For more information, see Deploying a Containerized Application in Photon OS.

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