Options for Commands

You can add the following options to tdnf commands. If the option to override a configuration is unavailable in a command, you can add it to the /etc/tdnf/tdnf.conf configuration file.

OPTION                     DESCRIPTION
--allowerasing             Allow erasing of installed packages to resolve dependencies
--assumeno                 Answer no for all questions
--best                     Try the best available package versions in transactions
--debugsolver              Dump data aiding in dependency solver debugging info.
--disablerepo=<repoid>     Disable specific repositories by an id or a glob.
--enablerepo=<repoid>      Enable specific repositories
-h, --help                 Display help
--refresh                  Set metadata as expired before running command
--nogpgcheck               Skip gpg check on packages
--rpmverbosity=<debug level name>
                           Debug level for rpm
--version                  Print version and exit
-y, --assumeyes            Answer yes to all questions
-q, --quiet                Quiet operation

The following is an example that adds the short form of the assumeyes option to the install command:

tdnf -y install gcc
gcc     x86_64    5.3.0-1.ph1     91.35 M

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