Installing the Packages for tcpdump and netcat with tdnf

Photon OS includes the following networking tools:

  • tcpdump. A networking tool that captures and analyzes packets on a network interface. tcpdump is not available with the minimal version of Photon OS but available in the repository. The minimal version includes the iproute2 tools by default.

    You can install tcpdump and its accompanying package libpcap, a C/C++ library for capturing network traffic, by using tdnf:

    tdnf install tcpdump
  • netcat. A tool to send data over network connections with TCP or UDP. This tool is not included in either the minimal or the full version of Photon OS. But since netcat furnishes powerful options for analyzing, troubleshooting, and debugging network connections, you might want to install it. To install `netcat', run the following command:

    tdnf install netcat

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