Obtain vic-machine Version Information

You can obtain information about the version of vic-machine by using the vic-machine version command.


You have downloaded and unpacked the vSphere Integrated Containers Engine binaries.


  1. On the system on which you downloaded the binaries, navigate to the directory that contains the vic-machine utility.
  2. Run the vic-machine version command.

    The vic-machine version command has no arguments.

    $ vic-machine-operating_system version


The vic-machine utility displays the version of the instance of vic-machine that you are using.

version vic_machine_version-vic_machine_build-git_commit
  • vic_machine_version is the version number of this release of vSphere Integrated Containers Engine.
  • vic_machine_build is the build number of this release.
  • tag is the short git commit checksum for the latest commit for this build.

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