Create and Manage Container Placements

You can use placements and placement settings to limit and reserve resources. You can also set a priority to the reserved amount of CPU or memory. Select a project for your placement and provision templates to that project to use the placement resourcing.


Verify that at least one host is configured and available.


  1. In the management portal, navigate to Policies > Placements and click Add.
  2. In the Add Placement dialog box, configure the new placement settings and click Save.
Setting Description
Name Enter a name for your placement.
Project Assign the placement to a project. When you provision new templates to that project, you utilize the placement configuration.
Placement Zone Select a placement zone from the list to assign the placement to a host.
Priority (Optional) Enter a priority value for the placement. Higher value results in higher prioritized resourcing of the provisioned containers in the placement zone.
Instances (Optional) Enter a number to limit the count of provisioned instances up to that number. For unlimited count, leave empty.
Memory Limit (Optional) Limits the maximum amount of memory that the placement uses. For unlimited usage, leave empty.


The placement appears on the Placements page and you can provision templates to that placement by selecting the assigned project.

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