Provisioning Container VMs in the Management Portal

You can provision container VMs from the management portal. You can quick-provision containers by using default settings or you can customize your deployment by using the available settings. You can either provision or save as a template your configured container.

You can provision containers, templates, or images.

  • To provision a single container, go to Deployments > Containers and click Create container.
  • To provision an image with additional settings, go to Templates > Templates, filter by images, and under Provision click Enter additional info.
  • To provision a template, go to Templates > Templates, filter by templates, and click Provision.

When you create containers from the Containers page in the management portal, you can configure the following settings:

  • Basic configuration
    • Image to be used
    • Name of the container
    • Custom commands
    • Links
  • Network configuration
    • Port bindings and ports publishing
    • Hostname
    • Network mode
  • Storage configuration
    • Select volumes
    • Configure a working directory
  • Policy configuration
    • Define clusters
    • Resource allocation
    • Anti-affinity rules
  • Custom environment variables
  • Health checks
  • Logging

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