Installing the vSphere Client Plug-Ins

vSphere Integrated Containers provides two UI plug-ins for vSphere:

  • A basic Flex-based plug-in that adds information about virtual container hosts (VCHs) and container VMs in the Flex-based vSphere Web Client. The basic plug-in works with the Flex-based vSphere Web Client for both vSphere 6.0 and 6.5.
  • An HTML5 plug-in with more complete functionality for the HTML5 vSphere Client. The HTML5 vSphere Client is only available with vSphere 6.5.

You can deploy the plug-ins on a vCenter Server instance that runs on Windows, or on a vCenter Server Appliance.

For information about the Flex-based vSphere Web Client and the HTML5 vSphere Client for vSphere 6.5, see Introduction to the vSphere Client in the vSphere 6.5 documentation.

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