Deploy a VCH for Use with vSphere Integrated Containers Registry

To use vSphere Integrated Containers Engine with vSphere Integrated Containers Registry, you must obtain the registry certificate and pass it to a virtual container host (VCH) when you create that VCH.

If you did not provide a custom server certificate and private key for the registry to the OVA installer when you deployed the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance, vSphere Integrated Containers Registry auto-generates a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate, a server certificate, and a server private key. You can download the auto-generated CA certificates from the vSphere Integrated Containers Registry interface.


  • You selected the option to deploy vSphere Integrated Containers Registry when you deployed the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance.
  • You downloaded the vSphere Integrated Containers Engine bundle from the appliance.


  1. Obtain the CA certificate of the registry instance or instances to use with this VCH.

    • If you deployed the registry with custom certificates, obtain the certificate from your certificate manager.
    • If you deployed the registry with auto-generated certificates, log in to the vSphere Integrated Containers Registry interface as admin user, click the admin drop-down menu and click Download Root Cert.
    • You can also obtain the certificate by using SCP to copy the certificate file from /data/harbor/cert in the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance VM.
      scp root@vic_appliance_address:/data/harbor/cert/ca.crt ./destination_path
  2. Use vic-machine create to deploy a VCH, specifying the registry's CA certificate by using the --registry-ca option.

    You can configure the VCH to connect to multiple registries by specifying --registry-ca multiple times.

    For simplicity, this example deploys a VCH with the --no-tls flag, so that container application developers do not need to use a TLS certificate to connect a Docker client to the VCH. However, the connection between the VCH and the registry still requires certificate authentication.

    vic-machine-operating_system create
    --target 'Administrator@vsphere.local':password@vcenter_server_address/dc1
    --compute-resource cluster1
    --image-store datastore1
    --bridge-network vch1-bridge
    --name vch_registry


The VCH has a copy of the registry certificate and can connect to this vSphere Integrated Containers Registry instance.

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