Access and Search Project Logs

vSphere Integrated Containers keeps a log of all of the operations that users perform in a project. You can apply filters to help you to search the logs.


You have a created project.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Integrated Containers Registry interface at https://vic_appliance_address:443.
  2. Click Projects on the left, click a project name, and click Logs.

    The Logs view lists all of the operations that users have performed on this project.

  3. To see a reduced list of operations, enter text in the Filter Logs text box.

    For example, enter the name of a user, repository, or image tag.

  4. To filter by the type of operation, click Advanced > Operations and select or deselect operation types.
  5. To filter by date, enter start and end dates in the format m/d/yyyy.

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