Create Replication Endpoints

To replicate image repositories from one instance of vSphere Integrated Containers Registry to another, you first create replication endpoints. A replication endpoint is a remote registry to which you replicate the images that a project contains.

You can create replication endpoints independently of projects, or you can create new endpoints when you create replication rule for a project. This procedure describes how to create endpoints independently of projects.


  • You deployed at least two instances of vSphere Integrated Containers Registry.
  • If the remote registry that you intend to use as the endpoint uses a self-signed or an untrusted certificate, you must disable certificate verification on the registry from which you are replicating. For example, disable certificate verification if the endpoint registry uses the default auto-generated certificates that vSphere Integrated Containers Registry created during the deployment of the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance. For information about disabling certificate verification, see Configure a Registry.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Integrated Containers Registry instance to use as the source registry for replications.

    Log in at https://vic_appliance_address:443. Use the admin account, or an account with Administrator privileges. If the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance uses a different port for vSphere Integrated Containers Registry, replace 443 with the appropriate port.

  2. Expand Administration on the left, click Replication, then click the + Endpoint button.
  3. Enter a suitable name for the new replication endpoint.
  4. Enter the full URL of the vSphere Integrated Containers Registry instance to set up as a replication endpoint.

    For example, https://registry_address:443.

  5. Enter the user name and password for the endpoint registry instance.

    Use the admin account for that vSphere Integrated Containers Registry instance, an account with Administrator privileges on that instance, or an account that has write permission on the corresponding project in the endpoint registry.

  6. Click Test Connection.
  7. When you have successfully tested the connection, click OK.


The endpoint registry that you created is available for selection when you create replication rules for projects.

What to Do Next

Create a replication rule for a project.

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