VCH Delete Options

The command line utility for vSphere Integrated Containers Engine, vic-machine, provides a delete command that allows you to cleanly remove virtual container hosts (VCHs).

The vic-machine delete command includes one option in addition to the common options described in Common vic-machine Options.


Short name: -f

Forces vic-machine delete to ignore warnings and continue with the deletion of a VCH. Any running container VMs and any volume stores associated with the VCH are deleted. Errors such as an incorrect compute resource still cause the deletion to fail.

  • If you do not specify --force and the VCH contains running container VMs, the deletion fails with a warning.
  • If you do not specify --force and the VCH has volume stores, the deletion of the VCH succeeds without deleting the volume stores. The list of volume stores appears in the vic-machine delete success message for reference and optional manual removal.

If your vSphere environment uses untrusted, self-signed certificates, you can use the --force option to delete a VCH without providing the thumbprint of the vCenter Server or ESXi host in the --thumbprint option.


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