Virtual Container Host Deployment Options

You use the vic-machine create command to deploy virtual container hosts (VCHs).

The vic-machine create command provides many options that allow you to customize the deployment of virtual container hosts (VCHs) to correspond to your vSphere environment and to meet your development requirements. The following sections present the vic-machine create options, grouped by subject area.

Specifying Option Arguments

When you run vic-machine commands, wrap any option arguments that include spaces or special characters in quotes. Use single quotes if you are using vic-machine on a Linux or Mac OS system and double quotes on a Windows system.

Option arguments that might require quotation marks include the following:

  • User names and passwords in --target, or in --user and --password.
  • Datacenter names in --target.
  • VCH names in --name.
  • Datastore names and paths in --image-store and --volume-store.
  • Network and port group names in all networking options.
  • Cluster and resource pool names in --compute-resource.
  • Folder names in the paths for --tls-cert-path, --tls-server-cert, --tls-server-key, --appliance-iso, and --bootstrap-iso.

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