Manage Replication Endpoints and Rules

You can list, add, edit and delete replication endpoints and replication rules, depending on certain circumstances.

  • You cannot edit or delete replication endpoints that are the targets for replication rules.
  • You cannot edit replication rules that are enabled.
  • You cannot delete replication rules that have running jobs. If a rule is disabled, the running jobs under it will be stopped.


  • You deployed at least two instances of vSphere Integrated Containers Registry.
  • You created at least one replication endpoint.
  • You created at least one replication rule.


  1. Go to http://vic_appliance_address, click the link to Go to the vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal, and enter the vCenter Server Single Sign-On credentials.

    Use an account with Cloud Administrator privileges.

  2. Select the Administration tab, click Registries, and click Replication Endpoints.

    Existing endpoints appear in the Endpoints view.

  3. To edit or delete an endpoint, click the 3 vertical dots next to an endpoint name and select Edit Endpoint or Delete Endpoint.
  4. To edit, enable or disable, or delete a replication rule, click Replication Rules, click the 3 vertical dots next to a rule name and select Edit, Enable or Disable, or Delete.


  • If you enabled a rule, replication starts immediately.
  • If you disabled a rule, vSphere Integrated Containers Registry attempts to stop all running jobs. It can take some time for all jobs to finish.

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