Add Hosts with Full TLS Authentication to the Management Portal

Connect hosts that require full TLS authentication over HTTPS by using certificate to authenticate against the host.

IMPORTANT: If you have deployed multiple instances of the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance, you can only register a virtual container host (VCH) with one instance of the management portal at a time.


Obtain the client private key (key.pem) and client public key (cert.pem) for authentication against the VCH.


  1. In the management portal, navigate to Administration > Identity Management and click Credentials to configure the certificates to be used for authentication against the host.
    1. Click +Credential to add new entry.
    2. In the New Credential dialog box, enter name and click the Certificate radio button.
    3. In the Public certificate text box, enter the content of the cert.pem file.
    4. In the Private certificate text box, enter the content of the key.pem file.
    5. Click Save.
  2. Navigate to Home > Infrastructure > Container Hosts and click +New.
  3. On the New Container Host page, configure the host settings.

    1. Enter name for the host.
    2. Select VCH as Host type.
    3. Enter the endpoint for the VCH as URL.

      For example, https://hostname:2376.

    4. As Credentials, select the certificates that you configured for that host and click Save.


The VCH appears on the Container Hosts page and can be managed.

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