Debug Running Virtual Container Hosts

By default, all shell access to the virtual container host (VCH) endpoint VM is disabled. Login shells for all users are set to /bin/false. The vic-machine utility provides a debug command that allows you to enable shell access to the VCH endpoint VM, either by using the VM console or via SSH.

In addition to the Common vic-machine Options, vic-machine debug provides the --rootpw, --enable-ssh and --authorized-key options, which are described in the following sections.

NOTE: Do not confuse the vic-machine debug command with the vic-machine create --debug or vic-machine configure --debug options. The vic-machine debug command allows you to log into and debug a VCH endpoint VM that you have already deployed. The vic-machine create --debug option deploys a new VCH that has increased levels of logging and other modifications, to allow you to debug the environment in which you deploy VCHs. For information about the vic-machine create --debug option, see Debugging Virtual Container Host Deployment.

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