Deploy a Virtual Container Host for Use with dch-photon

This version of vSphere Integrated Containers includes an image repository named dch-photon, that is pre-loaded in the default-project in vSphere Integrated Containers Registry.

The dch-photon image allows container developers to deploy a standard Docker container host that runs in a Photon OS container. Container developers can use this Docker engine to perform operations in standard Docker. For example, developers can use dch-photon containers to perform operations that virtual container hosts (VCHs) do not support in this version of vSphere Integrated Containers, such as docker build and docker push.

For container developers to be able to deploy containers from the dch-photon image, you must deploy VCHs with a specific configuration.


  • You downloaded the vSphere Integrated Containers Engine bundle from http://vic_appliance_address.
  • Obtain the vCenter Server or ESXi host certificate thumbprint. For information about how to obtain the certificate thumbprint, see Obtain vSphere Certificate Thumbprints.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal with a vSphere administrator, Cloud Admin or DevOps admin user account.

    vSphere administrator accounts for the Platform Services Controller with which vSphere Integrated Containers is registered are automatically granted Cloud Admin access.

  2. Go to Administration > Configuration, and click the link to download the Registry Root Cert.
  3. Use vic-machine create to deploy a VCH.

    • The VCH must be able to pull the dch-photon image from the vSphere Integrated Containers Registry instance. You must specify the registry's CA certificate by using the --registry-ca option.
    • A dch-photon container creates an anonymous volume, and as such requires named default.

      For simplicity, this example deploys a VCH with the --no-tls flag, so that container application developers do not need to use a TLS certificate to connect a Docker client to the VCH. However, the connection between the VCH and the registry still requires certificate authentication.

      vic-machine-operating_system create
      --target 'Administrator@vsphere.local':password@vcenter_server_address/dc1
      --compute-resource cluster1
      --image-store datastore1
      --bridge-network vch-bridge
      --name vch_dch_photon
      --thumbprint vcenter_server_certificate_thumbprint
      --registry-ca cert_path/ca.crt
      --volume-store datastore_name:default

      You could also specify --volume-store nfs://datastore_name/path_to_share_point:default to designate an NFS share point as the default volume store.


The VCH that you deployed can access vSphere Integrated Containers Registry, and has a volume store named default. It is ready for container developers to use with dch-photon containers.

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