VCH Deployment Fails with Firewall Validation Error

When you use vic-machine create to deploy a virtual container host (VCH), deployment fails because firewall port 2377 is not open on the target ESXi host or hosts.


Deployment fails with a firewall error during the validation phase:

Firewall must permit dst 2377/tcp outbound to the VCH management interface


ESXi hosts communicate with the VCHs through port 2377 via Serial Over LAN. For deployment of a VCH to succeed, port 2377 must be open for outgoing connections on all ESXi hosts before you run vic-machine create. Opening port 2377 for outgoing connections on ESXi hosts opens port 2377 for inbound connections on the VCHs.


The vic-machine utility includes an update firewall command, that you can use to modify the firewall on the ESXi host or the ESXi hosts in a cluster. For information about how to use the update firewall command, see Open the Required Ports on ESXi Hosts.

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