VCH Deployment Fails with Docker API Endpoint Check Failed Error

When you use vic-machine create to deploy a virtual container host (VCH), deployment fails because vic-machine cannot contact the Docker API endpoint.


Deployment fails with with the error:

Docker API endpoint check failed:
API may be slow to start - try to connect to API after a few minutes:
   Run docker -H --tls info
   If command succeeds, VCH is started. If command fails, VCH failed to install - see documentation for troubleshooting.


During deployment, vic-machine checks that the endpoint VM is reachable from Docker clients. If this check fails, vic-machine create fails with an error. This error can be caused by the Docker API being slow to start or because it has failed to start.


The solution to choose depends on whether the API is slow to start or whether it failed to start.

Docker API is Slow to Start

Wait for a few minutes, then run the docker info command to test the responsiveness of the Docker API.

If docker info succeeds, it shows information about the VCH, including confirmation that the storage driver is vSphere Integrated Containers.

Storage Driver: vSphere Integrated Containers version Backend Engine

This output means that the VCH is running correctly and can now accept Docker commands.

If docker info times out, it means that the Docker API did not start.

Docker API Did Not Start

If the Docker API was not responsive when you ran docker info, download the VCH log bundle and examine the logs to determine why the deployment failed. Collecting the vSphere log bundle might also be useful for troubleshooting.

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