VCH Administration Portal

vSphere Integrated Containers Engine provides a Web-based administration portal for virtual container hosts (VCHs), called VCH Admin.

If you deployed the VCH with --no-tls or --no-tlsverify, you log in to VCH Admin by specifying the user name and password of the ESXi host or vCenter Server on which you deployed the VCH. If you deployed the VCH with client and server authentication by using --tls-cname or by specifying a static IP address on the client network, you can use the generated *.pfx certificate to authenticate with the VCH Admin portal. For information about using the *.pfx certificate to log into VCH admin, see Browser-Based Certificate Login and Command Line Certificate Login.

You access the VCH Admin portal in the following places:

  • In the HTML5 vSphere Client, go to Home > vSphere Integrated Containers > vSphere Integrated Containers > Virtual Container Hosts and click the link to the VCH Admin portal.
  • In the HTML5 vSphere Client or Flex-based vSphere Web Client, got to Hosts and Clusters, select a VCH endpoint VM, and click the link to the VCH Admin portal in the Summary tab.
  • Copy the address of the VCH Admin portal from the output of vic-machine create or vic-machine inspect.

After you log in, the VCH Admin portal displays information about the VCH and the environment in which is running:

  • Status information about the VCH, registry and Internet connections, firewall configuration, and license. For information about these statuses and how to remedy error states, see the VCH Status Reference.
  • The address of the Docker endpoint.
  • The system time of the VCH. This is useful to know because clock skews between VCHs and client systems can cause TLS authentication to fail. For information about clock skews, see Connections Fail with Certificate or Platform Services Controller Token Errors.
  • The remaining capacity of the datastore that you designated as the image store. If the VCH is unable to connect to vSphere, the datastore information is not displayed.
  • Live logs and log bundles for different aspects of the VCH. For information about the logs, see Access vSphere Integrated Containers Engine Log Bundles.

If you see a certificate error when you attempt to log in to the VCH Administration Portal, see Browser Rejects Certificates with ERR_CERT_INVALID Error.

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