Add Virtual Container Hosts with No TLS Authentication to the Management Portal

If the vSphere administrator deployed a virtual container host (VCH) without implementing any TLS authentication, you do not provide a certificate when you add the VCH to a project in the management portal. Connections to the VCH use HTTP.

IMPORTANT: If you have deployed multiple instances of the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance, you can only register a virtual container host (VCH) with one instance of the management portal at a time.


  1. In the Home view of the management portal, click the Project drop-down menu and select the project to which to add the VCH.
  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > Container Hosts and click +New.
  3. On the New Container Host page, configure the host settings.

    1. Enter name for the host.
    2. Select VCH as type.
    3. Enter the endpoint for the VCH as URL and click Save.

      For example, http://hostname:2375.


The VCH appears on the Container Hosts page for the selected project. You can also see the VCHs that you added to a project by navigating to Administration > Projects > project > Infrastructure.

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