Manage Repositories in vSphere Integrated Containers Registry

You can access the list of repositories that users have pushed to a project. You can browse repositories to see the different tags applied to images in the repository. You can also delete a repository or a tag in a repository.

Deleting a repository involves two steps. First, you delete a repository in vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal. This is known as soft deletion. You can delete the entire repository or just one tag in the repository. After a soft deletion, the registry no longer manages the repository. However, the repository files remain in the registry storage until you run garbage collection by restarting the registry.


You have created a project and pushed at least one repository to the project.


  1. Go to http://vic_appliance_address, click the link to Go to the vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal, and enter the vCenter Server Single Sign-On credentials.

    Use an account with the system-wide Administrator role, or an account that has the Project Admin role for this project.

  2. Select the Administration tab, click Projects on the left, and click the name of a project in the project list.

    All of the repositories for this project appear under Repositories. You can see the number of tags that the repository contains, and how many times that users have pulled the repository.

  3. (Optional) To delete a repository, click the 3 vertical dots next to a repository name and select Delete.

    CAUTION: If two tags refer to the same image, if you delete one tag, the other tag is also deleted.

  4. Click a repository name to view its contents.

What to Do Next

If you deleted respositories, and if the registry is configured with garbage collection enabled, restart the registry. vSphere Integrated Containers Registry will perform garbage collection when it reboots. For information about restarting the registry, see Restart the vSphere Integrated Containers Services in Install, Deploy, and Maintain the vSphere Integrated Containers Infrastructure.

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