Install or rebase to Photon OS 2.0

Photon OS 2.0 release has a different focus and while it provides full RPM-OSTree functionality (updated to 2017), it lets the user drive it, rather than provide a pre-defined solution as part of the installation.

The number of packages included in the RPMS repo in Photon OS 2.0 increased significantly, compared to 1.0. To keep the ISO at reasonable size, Photon OS 2.0 no longer includes the compressed ostree.repo file, that helped optimize both the server and host install in 1.0 or 1.0 Rev2. That decision affected the OSTree features we ship out of the box. Customer could achieve the same results by several additional simple steps, that will be explained in this chapter. In addition, there is a new way to create a host raw image at server.

12.1 Installing an RPM-OSTree server

Photon OS 2.0 installer contains an option to install an OSTree server, just like Photon 1.0 OS does. It will not run, however, the server 'compose tree' as part of installation, as most users will want to start from scratch to create their own image anyway, using different package set and customized settings. In addition to starter photon-base.json, we provide photon-minimal.json and photon-full.json, updated with a 2.0 Refspec. We still fire up an Apache web server, that will point to an empty site initially at the repo directory. Assuming you've customized photon-base.json to you liking, all you need to do is to run the commands you are already familiar with from Chapter 9.

root [ /srv/rpm-ostree ]# ostree --repo=repo init --mode=archive-z2
root [ /srv/rpm-ostree ]# rpm-ostree compose tree --repo=repo photon-base.json

Now if you point a browser to http://, you should see the familiar directory structure of an OSTree repo.

12.2 Installing an RPM-OSTree host

Photon OS 2.0 installer no longer includes a UI option to deploy a host manually - either against a default or a custom server repo, and also there is no official online Photon OS 2.0 OSTree repo published. This is now completely customer driven.
Automated host install is supported, as explained in Chapter 7.2 Automated install of a custom host via kickstart.

12.3 Rebasing a host from Photon 1.0 to 2.0

If kickstart sounds too complicated and we still want to go the UI way like in 1.0, fortunately, there is a workaround that requires an extra step. Also, if you have an installed Photon 1.0 or 1.0 Rev2 that you want to carry to 2.0, you need to rebase it. Notice that I didn't say "upgrade".

Basically the OSTree repo will switch to a different branch on a different server, following the new server's branch versioning scheme. The net result is that the lots of packages will get changed to newer versions from newer OSTree repo, that has been composed from a newer Photon OS 2.0 RPMS repo. Again, I didn't say "upgraded", neither the rebase command output, that lists "changed" packages. Some obsolete packages will be removed, new packages will be added, either because they didn't exist in 1.0 repo, or because the new config file includes them.
The OS name is the same (Photon), so the content in /var and /etc will be transferred over.

  1. To install fresh, deploy a Photon 1.0 Rev2 host default, as described in Chapter 2. Of course, if you already have an existing Photon OS 1.0 host that you want to move to 2.0, skip this step.
  2. Edit /ostree/repo/config and substitute the url, providing the IP address for the Photon OS 2.0 RPM-OSTree server installed above. This was explained in Chapter 10.
    ostree should confirm that is the updated server IP for the "photon" remote.
    root@ostree-host [ ~ ]# ostree remote show-url photon
  3. Rebase your host to the new 2.0 server and Refspec. ``` root@ostree-host [ ~ ]# rpm-ostree rebase photon/2.0/x86_64/minimal

549 metadata, 2654 content objects fetched; 119853 KiB transferred in 17 seconds Copying /etc changes: 6 modified, 0 removed, 14 added Transaction complete; bootconfig swap: yes deployment count change: 1 Deleting ref 'photon:photon/1.0/x86_64/minimal' Changed: Linux-PAM 1.2.1-3.ph1 -> 1.3.0-1.ph2 attr 2.4.47-3.ph1 -> 2.4.47-4.ph2 autogen-libopts 5.18.7-2.ph1 -> 5.18.12-2.ph2 bash 4.3.30-4.ph1 -> 4.4-5.ph2 bc 1.06.95-3.ph1 -> 1.06.95-3.ph2 binutils 2.25.1-2.ph1 -> 2.29-3.ph2 bridge-utils 1.5-3.ph1 -> 1.6-1.ph2 bzip2 1.0.6-6.ph1 -> 1.0.6-8.ph2 ca-certificates 20160109-5.ph1 -> 20170406-3.ph2 coreutils 8.25-2.ph1 -> 8.27-2.ph2 cpio 2.12-2.ph1 -> 2.12-3.ph2 cracklib 2.9.6-2.ph1 -> 2.9.6-8.ph2 cracklib-dicts 2.9.6-2.ph1 -> 2.9.6-8.ph2 curl 7.51.0-2.ph1 -> 7.54.1-1.ph2 dbus 1.8.8-5.ph1 -> 1.11.12-1.ph2 device-mapper 2.02.141-5.ph1 -> 2.02.171-3.ph2 device-mapper-libs 2.02.141-5.ph1 -> 2.02.171-3.ph2 docker 1.12.1-1.ph1 -> 17.06.0-1.ph2 dracut 044-3.ph1 -> 045-4.ph2 dracut-tools 044-3.ph1 -> 045-4.ph2 elfutils-libelf 0.165-2.ph1 -> 0.169-1.ph2 expat 2.2.0-1.ph1 -> 2.2.0-2.ph2 file 5.24-2.ph1 -> 5.30-2.ph2 filesystem 1.0-8.ph1 -> 1.0-13.ph2 findutils 4.6.0-2.ph1 -> 4.6.0-3.ph2 flex 2.5.39-3.ph1 -> 2.6.4-2.ph2 glib 2.47.6-2.ph1 -> 2.52.1-2.ph2 glib-networking 2.46.1-2.ph1 -> 2.50.0-1.ph2 glibc 2.22-9.ph1 -> 2.26-1.ph2 gmp 6.0.0a-3.ph1 -> 6.1.2-2.ph2 gnutls 3.4.11-2.ph1 -> 3.5.10-1.ph2 gobject-introspection 1.46.0-2.ph1 -> 1.52.1-4.ph2 gpgme 1.6.0-2.ph1 -> 1.9.0-2.ph2 grep 2.21-2.ph1 -> 3.0-3.ph2 grub2 2.02-5.ph1 -> 2.02-9.ph2 gzip 1.6-2.ph1 -> 1.8-1.ph2 iana-etc 2.30-2.ph1 -> 2.30-2.ph2 iproute2 4.2.0-2.ph1 -> 4.10.0-3.ph2 iptables 1.6.0-5.ph1 -> 1.6.1-4.ph2 json-glib 1.0.4-2.ph1 -> 1.2.8-1.ph2 kmod 21-4.ph1 -> 24-3.ph2 krb5 1.14-4.ph1 -> 1.15.1-2.ph2 libarchive 3.1.2-7.ph1 -> 3.3.1-1.ph2 libassuan 2.4.2-2.ph1 -> 2.4.3-1.ph2 libcap 2.25-2.ph1 -> 2.25-7.ph2 libffi 3.2.1-2.ph1 -> 3.2.1-5.ph2 libgcc 5.3.0-3.ph1 -> 6.3.0-3.ph2 libgcrypt 1.6.5-2.ph1 -> 1.7.6-1.ph2 libgomp 5.3.0-3.ph1 -> 6.3.0-3.ph2 libgpg-error 1.21-2.ph1 -> 1.27-1.ph2 libgsystem 2015.1-2.ph1 -> 2015.2-1.ph2 librepo 1.7.17-2.ph1 -> 1.7.20-2.ph2 libselinux 2.5-2.ph1 -> 2.6-4.ph2 libsepol 2.5-2.ph1 -> 2.6-1.ph2 libsolv 0.6.19-2.ph1 -> 0.6.26-3.ph2 libsoup 2.53.90-2.ph1 -> 2.57.1-2.ph2 libssh2 1.8.0-1.ph1 -> 1.8.0-1.ph2 libstdc++ 5.3.0-3.ph1 -> 6.3.0-3.ph2 libtasn1 4.7-3.ph1 -> 4.10-1.ph2 libtool 2.4.6-2.ph1 -> 2.4.6-3.ph2 libxml2 2.9.4-3.ph1 -> 2.9.4-11.ph2 linux 4.4.41-1.ph1 -> 4.9.43-2.ph2 m4 1.4.17-2.ph1 -> 1.4.18-1.ph2 mkinitcpio 19-2.ph1 -> 23-3.ph2 mpfr 3.1.3-2.ph1 -> 3.1.5-1.ph2 ncurses 6.0-2.ph1 -> 6.0-10.ph2 net-tools 1.60-7.ph1 -> 1.60-10.ph2 nettle 3.2-2.ph1 -> 3.3-1.ph2 nspr 4.12-2.ph1 -> 4.15-1.ph2 nss-altfiles 2.19.1-2.ph1 -> 2.23.0-1.ph2 openssh 7.4p1-1.ph1 -> 7.5p1-4.ph2 openssl 1.0.2j-1.ph1 -> 1.0.2l-1.ph2 ostree 2015.7-5.ph1 -> 2017.5-1.ph2 pcre 8.39-1.ph1 -> 8.40-4.ph2 photon-release 1.0-6.ph1 -> 2.0-1.ph2 pkg-config 0.28-2.ph1 -> 0.29.2-1.ph2 popt 1.16-2.ph1 -> 1.16-4.ph2 procps-ng 3.3.11-3.ph1 -> 3.3.12-2.ph2 readline 6.3-4.ph1 -> 7.0-2.ph2 rpm-ostree 2015.7-2.ph1 -> 2017.5-1.ph2 sed 4.2.2-2.ph1 -> 4.4-2.ph2 shadow 4.2.1-8.ph1 -> 4.2.1-13.ph2 systemd 228-32.ph1 -> 233-7.ph2 util-linux 2.27.1-2.ph1 -> 2.29.2-3.ph2 vim 7.4-6.ph1 -> 8.0.0533-3.ph2 which 2.21-2.ph1 -> 2.21-3.ph2 xz 5.2.2-2.ph1 -> 5.2.3-2.ph2 zlib 1.2.8-3.ph1 -> 1.2.11-1.ph2 Removed: db-6.1.26-2.ph1.x86_64 e2fsprogs-1.42.13-2.ph1.x86_64 gdbm-1.11-2.ph1.x86_64 hawkey-2014.1-4.ph1.x86_64 iputils-20151218-3.ph1.x86_64 libhif-0.2.2-2.ph1.x86_64 lua-5.3.2-2.ph1.x86_64 nss-3.25-1.ph1.x86_64 python2-2.7.11-8.ph1.x86_64 python2-libs-2.7.11-8.ph1.x86_64 rpm-4.11.2-11.ph1.x86_64 sqlite-autoconf-3.11.0-2.ph1.x86_64 tcsh-6.19.00-4.ph1.x86_64 Added: bubblewrap-0.1.8-1.ph2.x86_64 bzip2-libs-1.0.6-8.ph2.x86_64 ca-certificates-pki-20170406-3.ph2.x86_64 curl-libs-7.54.1-1.ph2.x86_64 e2fsprogs-libs-1.43.4-2.ph2.x86_64 expat-libs-2.2.0-2.ph2.x86_64 fuse-2.9.7-2.ph2.x86_64 gnupg-2.1.20-2.ph2.x86_64 libdb-5.3.28-1.ph2.x86_64 libksba-1.3.5-1.ph2.x86_64 libltdl-2.4.6-3.ph2.x86_64 libseccomp-2.3.2-1.ph2.x86_64 ncurses-libs-6.0-10.ph2.x86_64 ncurses-terminfo-6.0-10.ph2.x86_64 npth-1.3-1.ph2.x86_64 nss-libs-3.31-2.ph2.x86_64 openssh-clients-7.5p1-4.ph2.x86_64 openssh-server-7.5p1-4.ph2.x86_64 pcre-libs-8.40-4.ph2.x86_64 pinentry-1.0.0-2.ph2.x86_64 rpm-libs- sqlite-libs-3.19.3-1.ph2.x86_64 util-linux-libs-2.29.2-3.ph2.x86_64 xz-libs-5.2.3-2.ph2.x86_64

root@ostree-host [ ~ ]# rpm-ostree status TIMESTAMP (UTC) VERSION ID OSNAME REFSPEC
2017-08-31 18:19:36 2.0_minimal f4497b1948 photon photon:photon/2.0/x86_64/minimal

  • 2017-01-11 02:18:42 1.0_minimal.1 4a21972b29 photon photon:photon/1.0/x86_64/minimal
    That's it! You may now reboot to the new Photon OS 2.0 image. The updated ostree and rpm-ostree packages have a slightly changed output format:
    root@ph2-ostree-host [ ~ ]# rpm-ostree status State: idle Deployments:
  • photon:photon/2.0/x86_64/minimal

           Version: 2.0_minimal (2017-08-31 18:19:36)
            Commit: f4497b194826adb0db6e17a6867df04edd1dc1ebe796a73db9f19b973b5658df


           Version: 1.0_minimal.1 (2017-01-11 02:18:42)
            Commit: 4a21972b293978d39777017ccb33dde45713dd435b3cb77ee42161e7e849e5e4


There are some side effects of installing Photon OS 2.0 based on the skeleton of a 1.0. For one, the custom disk partitioning is not available in 1.0. There could be others, I cannot think of now.

12.4 Creating a host raw image

It is now possible to run at server a script that is part of RPM-OStree package, to create a host raw mage.

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