Installing the Photon Management Daemon on a Lightwave Client

After you have installed and configured a domain on Lightwave, and joined a client to the domain, you can install the Photon Management Daemon on that client so that you can remotely manage it.


  • Have an installed Lightwave server with configured domain controller on it.
  • Have an installed Lightwave client that is joined to the domain.
  • Verify that you have 100 MB free for the daemon installation on the client.


  1. Log in to a machine with installed Lightwave client over SSH as an administrator.
  2. Install the Photon Management Daemon.

    # tdnf install pmd -y

  3. Start the Photon Management Daemon.

    # systemctl start pmd

  4. Verify that the daemon is in an active state.

    # systemctl status pmd

  5. (Optional) In a new console, use curl to verify that the Photon Management Daemon returns information.

    Use the root credentials for the local client to authenticate against the daemon service. # curl https://<lightwave-client-FQDN>:2081/v1/info -ku root

  6. (Optional) Create an administrative user for the Photon Management Daemon for your domain and assign it the domain administrator role.

    1. In a browser, go to https://*lightwave-server-FQDN*.
    2. On the Cascade Identity Services page, enter your domain name and click Take me to Lightwave Admin.
    3. On the Welcome page, enter administrative credentials for your domain and click Login.
    4. Click Users & Groups and click Add to create a new user.
    5. On the Add New User page, enter user name, at least one name, password, and click Save.
    6. Click the Groups tab, select the Administrators group, and click Membership to add the new user to the group.
    7. On the View Members page, select the user that you created, click Add Member, click Save, and click Cancel to return to the previous page.

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