CSE Server Installation Prerequisites

VCD Prerequisites

There are several important requirements that must be fulfilled to install CSE successfully on VCD.

You can use existing resources from your VCD installation or create new ones. The following sub-sections illustrate how to set up a suitable org + VDC + user from scratch.

Create an Org

Use the UI or vcd-cli to create an org for CSE use.

vcd org create --enabled cse_org_1 'Org for CSE work'

Create a VDC with Attached Network

Next create a VDC that has an org VDC network that can route network traffic from VMs to the Internet. Here are sample vcd-cli commands.

# Switch to org and create VDC under it.
vcd org use cse_org_1
vcd vdc create cse_vdc_1 \
  --provider-vdc 'Sample-provider-vdc' \
  --allocation-model 'AllocationVApp' \
  --storage-profile '*' \
  --description 'CSE org VDC'

# Switch to the new VDC and add an outbound network. It's assumed that the
# 'Corporate' external network already exists in VCD.
vcd vdc use cse_vdc_1
vcd network direct create CSE_org_vdc_network \
  --description 'Internet facing network' \
  --parent 'Corporate' \

CSE Service Account

We recommend using a user with CSE Service Role for CSE server management. The role comes with all the VCD rights that CSE needs to function. The role can be created in System organization using the following command.

cse create-service-role [VCD host fqdn]

The command currently supports only VCD 10.2 and later. The command will raise an error if invoked against an older VCD build. For older vCD builds a user with System Administrator role should be used instead to manage CSE.