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Testing the PowerShell Module with Pester


Pester is a testing and mocking framework for PowerShell, most commonly used for writing unit and integration tests.

This project uses Pester integration test cases for testing the functionality of the modules functions both for the developer and in a CI/CD pipeline environment.

These Pester test cases allow for the verification of functions such as Request-* and Update-*, ensuring they function correctly during development.

This proactive approach helps catch regression issues before a release.

Getting Started


A ./tests/logs folder is provided, containing a log file that records detailed information about the testing process.

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
  2. Navigate to the downloaded repository:

    cd powershell-module-for-vmware-cloud-foundation-password-management
  3. Verify all the required module dependencies are imported and then import the module:

    Import-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI
    Import-Module -Name VMware.vSphere.SsoAdmin
    Import-Module -Name PowerVCF
    Import-Module -Name PowerValidatedSolutions
    Import-Module ./VMware.CloudFoundation.PasswordManagement.psd1
  4. Navigate to the tests directory:

    cd tests
  5. Under the tests folder, copy the inputData.json.example file to inputData.json and include information about your testbed.

    This file serves as an input file to run tests against a VMware Cloud Foundation development environment.

  6. Run all Pester test cases in a file with the following command:

    Invoke-Pester ".\PPM.Tests.ps1"
  7. There are positive and negative test cases for each policy. If you want to run only one policy, use the tag associated with the policy:

    Invoke-Pester -Path ".\PPM.Tests.ps1"  -Tag "NSXEdgeAccountLockout"
  8. To run only positive test cases for a policy, provide the name for the -Tag and use the -ExcludeTag with the tag "Negative":

    Invoke-Pester -Path ".\PPM.Tests.ps1" -Tag "NSXEdgeAccountLockout" -ExcludeTag "Negative"
  9. To see detailed output of the run, which includes information on which test cases are started, their status, and so on, use the following option:

    Invoke-Pester -Path ".\PPM.Tests.ps1" -Output Detailed