Class AlreadyInDesiredState.Builder

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      • setData

        public AlreadyInDesiredState.Builder setData​(Structure data)
        Data to facilitate clients responding to the method reporting a standard exception to indicating that it was unable to complete successfully.

        Methods may provide data that clients can use when responding to exceptions. Since the data that clients need may be specific to the context of the method reporting the exception, different methods that report the same exception may provide different data in the exception. The documentation for each each method will describe what, if any, data it provides for each exception it reports.

        The ArgumentLocations, FileLocations, and TransientIndication classes are intended as possible values for this property. DynamicID may also be useful as a value for this property (although that is not its primary purpose). Some interfaces may provide their own specific classes for use as the value of this property when reporting exceptions from their methods.

        Some methods will not set this property when reporting exceptions.
        data - New value for the property.