Interface ApiProvider

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    com.vmware.vapi.core.DecoratorApiProvider, DynamicAuthnFilter

    public interface ApiProvider
    The ApiProvider interface provides interface and method introspection and invocation operations for use by API clients.
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      • invoke

        void invoke​(java.lang.String serviceId,
                    java.lang.String operationId,
                    DataValue input,
                    ExecutionContext ctx,
                    AsyncHandle<MethodResult> asyncHandle)
        Invokes the specified operation using the provided input and execution context.

        Target method is identified by serviceId and operationId.

        serviceId - identifier of the target service
        operationId - identifier of the target operation
        input - operation input parameters
        ctx - execution context for the invocation
        asyncHandle - handle used to asynchronously "return" the result or error of the invocation