Class InvalidSslCertificateException

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    public class InvalidSslCertificateException
    extends TransportProtocolException
    Exception which is reported when HTTP response is received with status
     526 Invalid SSL Certificate

    This might happen when the client uses vanilla HTTP to communicate with an intermediary which forwards the request over TLS/SSL to the target server.

    The 526 response then signals that the intermediary failed to establish trust with the target server. The response might contain the PEM encoded certificate presented by the target server during the SSL handshake with the intermediary (the SSL client). This certificate can be used to establish subsequent successful connection if is considered trusted (Trust On First Use scenarios).

    An example of the described scenario is the Envoy Sidecar used on the vCSA.

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      static int STATUS_CODE
      526 Invalid SSL Certificate
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      java.lang.String getContent()
      The body content of the 526 HTTP error as a UTF-8 String.
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        public static final int STATUS_CODE
        526 Invalid SSL Certificate
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    • Constructor Detail

      • InvalidSslCertificateException

        public InvalidSslCertificateException​(java.lang.String content)
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      • getContent

        public java.lang.String getContent()
        The body content of the 526 HTTP error as a UTF-8 String. Can be null if there was no body or the body could not be read.

        This might be the PEM-encoded certificate presented by the target server.

        the HTTP response body content