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Release History


Release Date: 2023-11-27

Bug Fix:

  • Updated Test-EsxiCertMgmtChecks to pass the server parameter value for the Certificate Authority and vSAN status checks. GH-90


Release Date: 2023-10-05


  • Breaking Change: Renamed Set-SddcCertificateAuthority to Set-VCFCertificateAuthority. GH-74
  • Breaking Change: Renamed Request-SddcCertificate to Request-VCFSignedCertificate. GH-74
  • Breaking Change: Refactored Set-SddcCertificateAuthority to support OpenSSL Certificate Authority configuration. GH-68
  • Breaking Change: Refactored Get-EsxiCertificateThumbprint and Get-vCenterCertificateThumbprint to a single function Get-VCFCertificateThumbprint. GH-68
  • Added Request-VcfCsras a wrapper for Request-EsxiCsr and Request-SddcCsr. GH-68
  • Added Install-VcfCertificate as a wrapper for Install-EsxiCertificate and Install-SddcCertificate. GH-68


  • Updated Get-vSANHealthSummary to report correct status GH-78


  • Added reference guide for VMware Cloud Foundation Certificate Operations. GH-68


  • Updated PowerVCF from v2.3.0 to v2.4.0. GH-81
  • Updated cmdlet content for Aria Suite, formerly known as vRealize Suite, products to use the new Aria names where applicable. GH-66
  • Updated cmdlet content in the /docs/documentation. GH-68


Release Date: 2023-08-29


  • Added the Set-SddcCertificateAuthority cmdlet to set the certificate authority in SDDC Manager to use a Microsoft Certificate Authority. GH-52
  • Added the Request-SddcCsr cmdlet to request SDDC Manager to generate and store certificate signing request files. GH-52
  • Added the Request-SddcCertificate cmdlet to request SDDC Manager to connect to certificate authority to sign the certificate signing request files and to store the signed certificates. GH-52
  • Added the Install-SddcCertificates cmdlet to install the signed certificates for all components associated with the given workload domain. GH-52


  • Updated VMware.PowerCLI from v13.0.0 to v13.1.0 GH-58
  • Updated PowerValidatedSolutions from v2.5.0 to v2.6.0. GH-58


Release Date: 2023-07-25


  • Updated module to use Test-VCFConnection instead of Test-Connection where applicable. GH-45
  • Updated module to use Test-EsxiConnection instead of Test-NetConnection where applicable. GH-45


  • Added the RequiredModules key to the module manifest to specify the minimum dependencies required to install and run the PowerShell module. GH-48
  • Updated PowerValidatedSolutions from v2.2.0 to v2.5.0. GH-49


Release Date: 2023-06-27


  • Added support for an ESXi certificate management pre-check with Test-EsxiCertMgmtChecks cmdlet. GH-37
  • Added support for PowerShell Core. GH-37
  • Added support for VMware PhotonOS. GH-37
  • Enhanced Get-vSANHealthSummary cmdlet improving log messages and adding a check for vSAN services. GH-37


  • Added a disconnect from vCenter Server prior to an ESXi host reboot. GH-36


Release Date: 2023-05-30

Initial availability of the PowerShell module for VMware Cloud Foundation Certificate Management.

Last update: 2023-06-02