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VMware Xenon™

Decentralized Control Plane Framework

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What is Xenon™

Xenon™ is a technology preview of a decentralized control plane framework.

  • Lightweight, Decentralized Services - Quickly build orchestration in the form of cooperating REST services using a shared data fabric across many nodes;
  • Built-in Query/Index/Filter - Query and filter across decentralized document-oriented services;
  • Decentralized Persistence, Consensus, and Replication - create stateful distributed services with built-in concurrency, tunable replication, and persistence;
  • Dynamic Discovery, Declarative API and RESTful Services - orchestrate between multiple services, build simple document-centric REST APIs, and easy-to-use clients;

See the FAQ for more information.

Getting Xenon™

Xenon™ source code is available on the VMware Xenon™ GitHub source repository. You can build Xenon™ by cloning the repo and running mvn install.


Xenon™ is released as open source software and comes with no commercial support.

But since we want to ensure success and recognize that Xenon™ consumers might fall into a range of roles - from developers that are steeped in the conventions of open-source to customers that are more accustomed to VMware commercial offerings, we offer several methods of engaging with the Xenon™ team and community.

For any questions, visit the Xenon™ on GitHub and post a new issue.


The Xenon team welcomes contributions from the community. If you wish to contribute code, we require that you first sign our Contributor License Agreement and return a copy to before we can merge your contribution.


Xenon™ is distributed under the Open Source Apache 2 Software License.