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The following table summarizes key features introduced in vSphere Cloud Provider in each Kubernetes release

Kubernetes Release vSphere Cloud Provider feature
v1.11.0 Added a mechanism in vSphere Cloud Provider to get credentials from Kubernetes secrets, rather than the plain text vsphere.conf file
SAML token authentication support
v1.9.0 Multi vCenter Support
v1.8.2 Performance improvement for large scale deployment
v1.8.0 vSphere Cloud Provider refactoring for better debuggability, logging and code maintenance
v1.7.0 Integration with vSphere Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) for dynamic volume provisioning.
Enhanced vSphere Cloud Provider debuggabilty via integration with metrices exposed for Kubernetes storage APIs.
v1.6.5 Integration with vSphere HA
v1.6.3 Dynamic volume provisioning using vSAN storage capabilities