vcenter vm guest: dns config info

The dns_config_info structure describes the configuration of RFC 1034 DNS settings. This structure was added in vSphere API 7.0.0.




Name Type Description
ip_addresses string[] The IP addresses of the DNS servers in order of use. IPv4 addresses are specified using dotted decimal notation. For example, "". IPv6 addresses are 128-bit addresses represented as eight fields of up to four hexadecimal digits. A colon separates each field (:). For example, 2001:DB8:101::230:6eff:fe04:d9ff. The address can also consist of the symbol '::' to represent multiple 16-bit groups of contiguous 0's only once in an address as described in RFC 2373. This attribute was added in vSphere API 7.0.0.

search_domains string[] The domain in which to search for hosts, placed in order of preference. These are the domain name portion of the DNS names. This attribute was added in vSphere API 7.0.0.