content library item updatesession file: add spec

The add_spec structure describes the properties of the file to be uploaded.




Name Type Description
name string The name of the file being uploaded.

source_type string The source type (NONE, PUSH, PULL) from which the file content will be retrieved.

Defines how the file content is retrieved. Value is one of:
NONE: No source type has been requested.
PUSH: The client is uploading content using HTTP(S) PUT requests.
PULL: The server is pulling content from a URL. The URL scheme can be http, https, file, or ds.

source_endpoint.uri URI Transfer endpoint URI. The supported URI schemes are: http, https, and ds.

An endpoint URI with the ds scheme specifies the location of the file on the datastore. The format of the datastore URI is:

  • ds:///vmfs/volumes/uuid/path

When the transfer endpoint is a datastore location, the server can import the file directly from the storage backing without the overhead of streaming over HTTP.

checksum_info.checksum string The checksum value calculated with content.library.item.file.checksum_info.algorithm.

source_endpoint transfer_endpoint Location from which the Content Library Service will fetch the file, rather than requiring a client to upload the file.

Optional. It is only relevant when source_type has value PULL. This field is optional and it is only relevant when the value of source_type is PULL.

source_endpoint.ssl_certificate_thumbprint string Thumbprint of the expected SSL certificate for this endpoint. Only used for HTTPS connections. The thumbprint is the SHA-1 hash of the DER encoding of the remote endpoint's SSL certificate. If set, the remote endpoint's SSL certificate is only accepted if it matches this thumbprint, and no other certificate validation is performed.

Optional. If not specified, standard certificate validation is performed.

size long The file size, in bytes.

Optional. If unset, the server will not verify it received the correct size.

checksum_info checksum_info The checksum of the file. If specified, the server will verify the checksum once the file is received. If there is a mismatch, the upload will fail. For ova files, this value should not be set.

Optional. If unset, the server will not verify the checksum.

checksum_info.algorithm string The checksum algorithm (SHA1, MD5, SHA256, SHA512) used to calculate the checksum.

Optional. If not specified the default checksum algorithm is SH_a1.